Huxley, meet Atwood

Thursday night, the fam and I loaded up in the car and went to Chickasha to see Margaret Atwood speak at USAO. For one thing, Mr. Neruda and I love Atwood a lot. Second, we wanted to start Little Man out early with literature and author visits.

Overall it was fun. She was incredibly monotoned yet still was able to pull off a ton of laughs. I also really enjoyed how she handled the questions at the end. She had no trouble making people feel like morons when they asked stupid questions, which I really enjoyed watching. Because a lot of those questions were REALLY stupid and basically well organized ways of trying to show off.

Little Man didn't enjoy it as much as I had hoped he would. He was a bit fussy and I spent the first part pacing back and forth in the back, patting his back. Then he decided he wanted a meal so I breast fed him in the back. I really don't know what is socially acceptable but I do know that I didn't want to miss her talk after driving all that way just because he was hungry. Oh well.

I wanted to capture the moment since Little Man was in his cute, collegiate cardigan. After the talk, she sat at the front and signed books. There was no way we wanted to be in that big, long line. So instead we ran up front and captured the moment.

If you will notice, she has no idea that we are taking the picture. We ran up front, squatted in front of her quickly and snapped the pic. We were laughed at by many in the audience. Whether it was our ridiculousness or Little Man's adorableness I don't know.

Here is a better look at his cardigan and adorableness.

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