Medieval times

The Medieval Fair was this weekend and we couldn't miss it. This is something we love and look forward to all year long. Since Mr. Neruda and I both have cloaks, I thought it would be just rude to not include Little Man.

I decided to make it myself, without a pattern. It turned out surprisingly well, though the hood could have been a bit larger.

Again he began fussy and needed a snack while we were there. I found a new, wonderful use for cloaks. They work great as nursing covers. Really well. I am considering wearing one everywhere now.

We got so many double takes and shouts of love towards the cloak and our Little Man. It was really fun. The best part was a woman we see every year. She sells great jewelry that I always get. A few years ago she started recognizing us and it was really fun. This time we had a long talk about babies and how they are trying to get pregnant and how cute our child is, etc. After we bought my new bracelet and earrings we walked away. We were a little ways away when she caught up to us and gave us a free jade charm of a rabbit, for this is the year of the rabbit. It was amazing.

The cloak ended up coming in handy because the day was so windy and sunny that we needed a blanket to cover him up. The cloak is simply a glorified blanket so it worked perfectly.

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