Breastmilk Rules!!!!!!!!!!!

This article is very interesting. It says that there are stem cells in breast milk and that scientists are hoping to start using those cells in their stem cell research and get the embryo nay-sayers off their backs. But what struck me the most from the article is that, sheesh, breast milk is awesome! I know there are some women who just really can't breastfeed and that is sad and fine. But if you can, it really does seem best on SO many levels.

It seems like most working moms are formula feeders and in some sense that makes sense. Pumping in my work place's bathroom 2-3 times a day really does suck. However, I really don't understand how these women are able to give up the bonding that happens when you breastfeed. That is what makes me able to stand going to work, that I get this beautiful bonding time with my child that non of his other care-givers get. That he is my boy and that we snuggle up and just be with one another for a few minutes each day. It makes my heart feel better. And gives him some great nutrition!

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