Husbands and fathers

I have been noticing a trend on the inter-webs lately where women will post pictures of there husbands doing something nice for their children. On the surface this seems nice and sweet, but below that it screams of a joy at the man finally doing "something" for their child. I can't help my first impression to these photos and anecdotes being confusion.

I know I am in an unusual situation with my husband being a stay-at-home father, but still. Nothing he does for our child is a surprise or something that should be praised because he is just being a father. I don't expect high praise for changing Little Man's diaper or giving him a bath. And the best part is that Mr. Neruda doesn't either. We just trade off on jobs with little to no discussion because we both fully assume that we will be pulling our weight.

The cool part about Mr. Neruda is that he takes care of Little Man by day and by night he becomes either a TA, philosophical doctorate student, or security guard. Those are the things that he should be applauded for.

Here's some logic* for you. For all things x, if x is a father then there exists a y such that y is care of a child and y is equal to x.

* The real reason to praise my darling husband is because I decided to better myself by learning something that doesn't come easily to me, logic, and his response was to get excited about the opportunity to teach me instead of saying he doesn't want to because he does it all day as work. He's cute.

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  1. That photo and this post are making me tear up. You are such a great family and I'm so happy for you. Love.