Playing the market

I've decided to invest in stocks of breast pads and diapers. We could certainly use more money and I like the poetic justice of getting money for what we spend money on.

I personally can go through 3 sets of breast pads in one hour. And my precious baby boy can go through 3 diapers in one feeding session. In fact, in the most recent feeding session Little Man used 4 diapers.

I feel like this is a can't-lose scenario. More than 10000 babies are born in the US a day. Those babies have to pee and poo in something and that something is my stock option. Plus, I can't be the only woman in the US who leaks like Niagara Falls. And what sops up that milky mess? My stock options. I am feeling pretty good about this.

So, if you need me in a year or so you can find me retired on a beach somewhere (Except not, because they terrify me now after all the craziness happening in the world. I will probably still be in OK, just rich and awesome).

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  1. A brilliant idea! Hopefully that leakage problem of yours will dry up soon . . . not the milk itself. But your nips will learn to not bring forth milk unless there is a baby on the other end. I think I only leaked for the first couple of weeks. Here's hoping your nipples are fast learners!